We were at LedLighting 2015 Istanbul

EAE Technology, the innovative company of the sector, exhibited its automation systems and special products at the Led & Lighting 2015 fair, which was held on 1-4 October 2015 this year.

Led & Lighting Fair held at CNR Expo brought together leading companies in the industry. Due to the fact that Turkey and Eurasia region are the most important LED and lighting fairs, we are very interested in fair EAETechnology as our automation systems.

CNR EXPO – Yesilkoy/Istanbul

EAE Technology, bringing a new breath to the automation systems from the Simplex building management system to the LCP lighting control panel and quality product range, has provided important business connections to fair and made mutual informal negotiations.

Throughout the fair, EAE Technology was highly acclaimed by its business partners and end users with its product quality and wide product range.


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