ORIA – Switches & Thermostats & Frames


Breathing life into darkness

In contrast to conventional series of switches, Oria creates natureal harmony and adds value to your interior designs with elegant look and sensitive touches.

Combined with KNX system, use of a single Oria switch would provide you the means to control functions such as lighting, heating, cooling, curtains, shutters and music…

Oria raises the bar on how you define comfort in your home. Via Oria, we enable hand made finishing for your premium living areas through many material, texture and color alternatives. You may now touch the stars.


Simple Look Sophisticated Technology

Oria premium push-button series adds beauty value to any space with, its minimalist design and high quality finishing.

Oria, redefines the new functionality and esthetics of push-button switches

Oria brings technology and outstanding design to your offices and hotel rooms in addition to all living areas.

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