VALESA – Touch Panel

Control your living spaces with Valesa touch panels. Valesa panel brings more security and more comfort right under your fingertips.

Designed with user-friendly, simple interfaces that facilitate integration into living spaces, Valesa touch panels offers the combination of aesthetic integrity, endless comfort and energy saving…

Valesa Touch Panel

Touch the Future…

With Valesa panel, family members of all ages can easily control lighting, heating-cooling, shutter-blind devices, activate burglar alarm, monitor cameras and use intercom to converse with incoming guests. You can also easily fulfill your needs such as calling a taxi cab, valet or SPA reservation with ease.

Helping to experience comfort in your home, Valesa panel technology is designed to meet all your needs from a single interface. In addition to adding elegance to chosen aesthetic of your spaces with a touch of design, Valesa panel will also become an essential part of your home.

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